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Could today be the day to get a Walk-in Bathtub?

Posted on July 18, 2015 at 6:00 AM

Is bathroom accessibility developing into a concern for you or a family member? If so then there are many bathroom adjustments you can have done that will make a productive contrast. Among the most preferred approaches is to replace the regular bathtub with a walk-in tub.


Conveniences in reference to a Walk in Bathtub


A walk-in tub is a more easily accessible bathtub with an inbuilt seat and a water tight door. The lower threshold makes getting in and out safer for the user.


Walk in tubs are most suitable for people who may have a problem with standing for an extensive amount of time but are still capable of stepping over a low threshold.


Walk in bathtubs offer a selection of customized features. Listed below are a few of the primary components to think about when choosing a walk in bathtub:


Doors for Walk in Tubs


Walk in bathtubs are made with either inward-swinging or outward-swinging doors. Smaller bathrooms will need an inward-swinging door which may possibly render it a somewhat more challenging to move around within the tub. With regard to a larger bathroom where space is not a matter, an outward-swinging door gives easy access and exit.


Types of Walk in Tubs


Walk-in tubs may be ordered in several assorted designs to suit the user, like the basic soaker bathtub or a jet therapy tub. Two styles of therapeutic walk in bathtubs consist of water jets and air jets.


Speedy Fill and Drain


Accelerated fill and drain will cut down the length of time you need to wait for the tub to fill up and the amount of time you are forced to rest in it prior to opening up the door to leave the tub. Waiting an extensive time for the tub to fill and drain is not just tiresome, but it could be a bit nippy. As a result of the highly developed innovation of fast-filling water faucets and pump-assisted draining you can greatly slash the waiting time.


Heated Seats for Walk-in bathtubs


Walk in bathtubs typically include an installed, contoured seat. You may also take pleasure in the extra warmth of a heated seat, specifically while you are waiting for the tub to fill and drain.


Regardless of which style of walk in tub you buy there are some critical matters to think about:


Accessibility and Mobility with a Walk in Tub


Look at your own unique mobility concerns and the dimension of your bathroom to make sure there is enough clearance for you to safely and easily walk around. Other details to think about are leg room and seat height. Also verify the entry door provides adequate space for you to easily enter and exit the bathtub.


Safety Characteristics with Walk-in Tubs


The following are a few of the primary safety components most preferred for walk-in tubs:


Strong grab bars and solid rails for safer entry and exit

Anti-scald taps to protect against burn injuries

Textured flooring to limit the hazard of slipping


Guarantee with Walk-in Tubs


The condition and long life of your walk in tub needs to be be upheld with a decent manufacturer service warranty, mainly, the warranty for the door seal.


Pro Installation of a Walk in Bathtub


Given the multiple qualified facets pertaining to installing a walk-in tub, it is easier and more economical to have one specialist do the project. HandyPro is a certified contractor that can handle all the components such as the plumbing system, electrical work, and framing work involved to install a walk in bathtub that will suit your personal needs.


Call the Columbus Aging in Place Handyman at 614-707-7037 for a free estimate on a walk in tub. Browse to see about other bathroom remodeling services we handle for aging or physically challenged people.



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